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usagi sweets

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the story behind the name

our story

usagi sweets is a wagashiya-style shop, created to share my love of mochi and delicious Japanese food with Vancouver.

In Japanese, wagashi = traditional Japanese sweets | ya = shop

I've always liked the style of wagashiyas because they are usually small, thoughtfully-designed, and owner-operated shops. From a young age, I’ve appreciated the art of craftsmanship from growing up in Japan and around my parents as they worked to make onigiri (rice balls). My parents were known for their style and attention to detail which led them to open multiple, successful cafes including Basho Café in Vancouver. There, I helped them make sweets and ultimately realized my dream to open Usagi Sweets.


Taking inspiration from my parents to create my own delicious food, Usagi Sweets brings together good craftsmanship and handmade Japanese food from the heart.


Usagi is the Japanese word for rabbit.

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